Thursday, December 4, 2008


I was canceling my AT&T long distance today…unfortunately after I did that the Customer Service Rep engaged me in a lengthy “survey about their services.” Amused…I played along. I was like, “No, not interested,” “No, that’s ok,” to every last thing. Then he said, “Well we have a DVR...” And I interrupted him and said, “Um, I have a Tivo and I love it.” And he said, “Well have you ever used any other DVR?” And I said, “Yes they are terrible.” And he says, “Wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that before.” I told him that I’ve had Tivo for 8 years and would not be able to live my TV life without it. Then I promptly said gotta go and good luck to you! And he kept me on the phone for about 5 more minutes selling stuff. I was like, “really sweetie, all the best to you, but gots to go!” I do feel bad though because AT&T let go 12,000 people today and I know he was trying to keep the numbers up!

That’s my TIVO love. I will go the ends of the earth for my Tivo. I will wait and wait for the Tivo HD to do down in price before I buy my lovely 47” Samsung 1080i HD TV. Oh yes people I waited 2 yrs. I can’t live without my Tivo and I’m willing to stand up for it.

Here are 10 reasons why I LOVE MY NEW HD TIVO:


2. There's no delay in clicking anything on the menu, it doesn't stall or whine just cuts right through the BS and responds quickly.

3. I can rent movies on Amazon Unbox in mere hours. Netflix is coming soon and I can barely contain myself.

4. I can play my own music library through my home computer.

5. I can display my personal photos through my home computer.

6. I can schedule recordings when I'm bored at work or on my iPhone.

7. I can download free video downloads from New York Times, CNET, The Onion, and Vogue.

8. Because it's beautiful.

9. Because it stopped recording Terminator.

10. Because I LOVE IT!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Water the Daisies!

OK, so I must admit that I missed the last 3 episodes and I was just admitting that I was kind of bored with PD...but...really did ABC need to ax it! How sad! I will miss my Kristin Chenoweth and people breaking out in song. Or what about those sets and those colors. A tragedy!

I'm glad that Lipstick Jungle was cancelled though, I really needed to stop watching that trash and purge it.

I hope people in this economy can tune into some quality TV, please do! Here's a short list of shows you should be watching:

MONARCHY- Airs for the last time this Wed, 11/26
I've been watching the royal family since Di's wedding in the 80s. This is an inside look into the makings of royalty.


If you aren't watching this show I don't know what to do with you. Just even for the guest stars please. This season alone- Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, The Night Court cast, Steve Martin. Who's next? Jon Hamm? Be still my beating MAD heart.


A classic, I've finally forgot about the British version. Although this one should end soon or I'll go back to that one on DVD. I think Pam might go back to art school and leave Jim. That better happen or I'll lose hope in sitcoms.


This is on an HD network called MOJO HD. Baiscally if you've ever wanted a hilarious tour of all the wonderful spirits of the world- watch this show. I love learning about how to really go about Oktoberfest or where to find the Russian Vodka. Or what Chile is like, or how Munich rocks or if I should go to Puerto Rico next summer...also, this show is lovely for drinking games.

I love how this show dares to do the impossible- a spy comedy! I do still think the show is wrong to be a one hour format but I'll live with it. Good writing and story. Just needs a bit more $$ to get us better fighting scenes and spy gadgets.


My favorite. Christine's brother Matthew is too funny. The best ep to date was Self-Esteem Tempura. Did anyone notice that Matthew's girlfriend on the show is one of the newbies on SNL?

OK, anyone got anymore?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the next Arrested Development

So excited to hear that the Arrested Development movie is more than just a rumor!

This sitcom should have never died! On that note can you please watch 30 Rock? There's another rumor floating around that the critically acclaimed Emmy winner sitcom will be axed due to low ratings. Come on people! Stop watching Two and a Half Men and Scrubs!

Thank you!

Friday, October 24, 2008


If you're really impatient like me and 30 Rock is your absolute favorite show...then catch it on hulu a week early.

Liz Lemon is my hero. My favorite is when her and Jack pretty much say in unison.. "We're not the best people...but we're not the worst." Magical! Isn't that what real life comes down too ;)

Again, completely free and legal. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Horror Tivo

Has your Tivo ever crossed the line? Recording programs you didn't request? Freezing up during your favorite show? Watch this great short film, The Tivo, it might change your mind about cursing your favorite DVR.